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earthbound kumatora
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They run into Sunshine Forest , where she and the others are forced to fight off a Pork Tank. Three years later , Kumatora is revealed to have become a waitress at Club Titiboo , where she goes by the name of Violet Yoshikoshi in the Japanese version. Compared to other members of the party, Kumatora's normal attacks are weaker. He mocks them and attempts to leave via a helicopter- while leaving the team on the crumbling tower, but slips on the banana peel he threw, falling off the tower. True to her tomboyish nature, Kumatora is tough, to the point where she refuses to cry until the game's ending this could be a reference to a sentence in MOTHER's commercial, saying in Japanese, "There's no crying until the end. In Chapter 8, Kumatora, along with the party members, explores the New Pork city- but as a silent party member. As he tries to sell one to Kumatora, she reads Salsa's mind and senses his plight, promising to rescue him.

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Kumatora is seen again when Duster later returns with Wess ; as they enter a room, they find her with her leg caught in a bear trap.

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Great Wave - Mother 3 EarthBound Kumatora Ness

At this point, she goes out and beats up the guards of the Club- once again showing her feisty nature. Kumatora is found in Doria's house later during Chapter 7, who saved her after she fell, and joins the team later on. However, during rough situations, Kumatora does prove to be nice and caring in regards to the rest of the party, and also to others- as she went on to help Salsa escape from Fassad's abuse. She drops her pendant in the process, which Duster takes.

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