Tampa swingers clubs

tampa swingers clubs
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Savage Love: How to call off a bad threesome in the heat of the moment. The evening started in the tamer half of the Tampa swingers club, Eyz Wide Shut, where Rebecca was hosting couples speed dating. The shadows of single guys in the hallway pressed against the windows. The older swingers in the room shared knowing smirks. When the couple exited to get more drinks to help loosen up for their big performance, the remaining occupants took bets on if the pair would return.

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Samantha began playing with her Henry Rollins lookalike boy-toy; his wife had opted to stay home with the kids that night.

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Swingers groups in Tampa

Some watched the bouncer writhe atop his girlfriend on the center bed. After speed dating, pairs zeroed in on potential connections at the bar. Rebecca turned the lights low. Eyes wide open, mouth shut: hands-on reporting from my first swingers club.

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