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It usually will be the dominant of the litter as it is the one with the highest chances of survival. Tigresses will find a den where they can go before their offspring are born. Mating occurs at any time of year, although in regions with tropical climates happens more frequently during the period between November and April when temperatures are colder. Those tigers living in temperate zones mate only during the winter months. Tigers are not animals characterized for being sociable; The only social links are those of a mother with her offspring. Less than half of them survive the fist two years of life. It is common for a male to mate with several different females during its lifetime as long as he is healthy.

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During the time before the heat, females mark their territory with urine that leaves a very particular smell, different from the smell that they always emit.

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Tiger Reproduction

The females tend to make a territory that is very close to that of their mother, but the males though tend to spread out much further. Males and females are polygamous and only encounter in the estrus period, and after mating, both take different paths. The gestation period usually lasts these months, translated in approximately days. They may be victims of males, the lack of food or killed by other animals if the mother is not around.

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