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Truthfully though: I just need to get my spending under control. Thankfully I have full self efficacy, many veterans who end up on the street do not. From what I've heard pretty much every other own in the region, even over in Idaho and Washington just kick their probably mostly problem people homeless out and tell them to come here. Some of us are trying to change our lives, but holy fuck, a majority are just enjoying the free ride Missoula offers As for Red Pill, completely irrelevant. Perhaps I may come across as judgey and heartless, but like I mentioned, I'm up close and personal with it.

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Unfortunately and I don't say this to argue with you, just add some complication to one of your points , the disabled individuals you refer to are often dealing with mental illness as well, albeit probably not a chronic psychosis.

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Welcome to Missoula!

The homeless population is a frustrating issue in Missoula, and one I've commented on at length here before. We're fully staffed right now, I'm not sure why that job is even posted. This will sound fucked up, but some are like monkeys, solely driven by satiating their primal aspects of hunger, thirst, sex, pretty much wherever they'll get the next dopamine hit. I was homeless for a few years after I got out of the military, just no jobs after

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