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There are lots of other slang words which refer to the same thing and use various railway stations one stop before the end of the line, including "off at Edge Hill," "off at Gateshead," "off at Green Island," and so on. The "three" represents the penis and the two testicles, the "one" is the vagina, and the "loss" is of semen when you ejaculate. It comes from the midth century and it means the penis. The "dolphin", if you want to look at it that way, is the penis and the hand swings it in masturbation. Nothing else to say, really! It might be a variation on the better-known "pum pum," which comes from the Creole African language for "pumbe," which means the female vulva.

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A bit of summer cabbage circa "Summer cabbage" is hard to work out, I must admit.

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It says "a reliable but illegal contraceptive device, the opposite of an IUD. There's a story that goes with it—I found it in a propaganda news-sheet from the English Civil War—this soldier goes into a bar and claims he's going to rape all the barmaids. The point being, the woman wears a certain garment and by metonymy, the tippet comes to mean the female genitals.

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