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The aftermath of a violent crime, such as rape or assault, can be physically and emotionally traumatic for the victims. In addition to physical injuries that may have resulted from the incident, victims may suffer emotional trauma they never fully recover from. Gaps in the legal system can result in guilty people walking free of conviction.

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A significant number of sexual assaults and rape go unreported to law enforcement and school officials. Some victims often feel ashamed or afraid to come forward about the attacks. Others may have reported it but see that nothing is being done so they give up.

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The purpose of a Miami child sexual abuse lawsuit is to make an organization or entity pay for the negligence that led to child sexual abuse. If an organization such as a school, church group, or club employed an abuser, looked the other way at signs of abuse, or otherwise negligently failed to protect children who were a part of that organization, our Miami child sexual abuse attorneys can help the victims of the abuse take action. Our caring and professional lawyers provide compassionate representation to abuse victims who want to make a negligent organization face financial consequences for their failures.

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Florida takes sex crimes such as sexual assault is charged as a felony, the degree depending on the circumstances of the crime. Sexual abuse is also known as sexual battery and includes rape and all forced sexual contact, not to mention circumstances when the victim is physically unable to give consent. You face severe penalties if you have been charged with sexual abuse, which means you should speak right away with a Miami criminal defense attorney to defend you from a conviction.

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Sexual assault can be one of the most difficult types of attacks to recover from. In some cases, survivors do not talk about the event due to the trauma that they suffer. In addition, the physical impact of this type of assault can pursue survivors for years to come.

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No argument regarding a child consenting to sexual activity with an adult will ever hold up in a court of law; as children have not reached the age for legal consent. The State of Florida enacted legislation eliminating statutes of limitations to the institution of criminal or civil actions relating to sexual battery of a child if the victim is under 16 years of age at the time of the offense; providing applicability, providing an effective date. Prior to enactment of this important crime victim rights statute these heinous acts were time barred if not filed within the statute of limitations.

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Sexual battery is a violent crime that can leave a lasting physical and emotional impact on its victims. The truth is, anybody can be a victim or a perpetrator of a sex crime. Minors and women can be perpetrators, men can be victims, and it is possible for a married individual to commit sexual assault or battery against his or her spouse.

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Sexual assault cases are deeply traumatic and, sadly, the criminal justice system does not always provide for the victims. However, a civil claim may be able to offer an assault victim the closure, justice, and financial compensation they need. Sexual assault civil claims can provide a plaintiff with compensation for:. Our lean size and limited caseload allows us to focus on your needs, not running an office.

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Sexual assaults are often preventable and foreseeable. Inadequate security, negligent supervision or failure to conduct background checks frequently contribute to the occurrence of sexual assault cases. Through our complex method of investigation, we look through public records, police and state attorney files, and court documents and have experts we consult with to fully investigate your sexual assault case.

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In the United States, someone is sexually assaulted every seconds. Sexual battery, sexual abuse, rape, and harassment are different terms legally. Sexual battery in many states is different from rape.


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