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The result is surreal and mesmerizing. In he toured together with British Sri-Lankan superstar M. Chris is a video artist who started a porn website to make money. Helga is the main girl in performances of AIDS-3D art collective from Berlin — appearing as a utopian female figure and goddess of the nudity-obsessed cybernetic age. He declared a new genre Nu Fetish and made some noise in the hipster media by producing short videos that are both highly erotic and simple.

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Alyssa. Age: 31.
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For our festival Billy is making a twenty minute recording from his computer desktop where he will be shuffling around short clips of exotic sexual videos he found online.

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Galilea. Age: 26.
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The Coming Community is a performance incorporating a customized puffer jacket that was commissioned by a member of a fetish community DownClub. The Internet and its online communities intend to bring people closer together and to connect them. Helga is a petite professional stunt woman, a dancer and a performance artist.

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