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If a job needs doing, hire a professional. For a drama series about the adult video pioneer Toru Muranishi, you need to include plenty of sex on camera. Watch an interview with the wife of top Japanese porn star Shimiken. Prompted by a reader's tweet, we are looking today at the sex scenes from a Japanese film. Our apologies for the variable quality of the images. The intense drama about two past lovers revisiting their sexual relationship came out in Japan on August 23rd.

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asian sex scenes

As sneaky uploaded previews shots reveal, the rated film based on Kazufumi Shiraishi's novel features Takiuchi getting screwed from behind by her co-star, Tasuku Emoto, while standing up.

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We have continued to follow the nudity and sex scenes on display in the Netflix Japanese-language serial The Naked Director, which charts the incredible career of Japanese porn giant Toru Muranishi. It is, at the end of the day, all rather silly. Tori Matsuzaka plays a male prostitute, who gets the chance to service some beautiful Japanese actresses in a series of graphic sex scenes. In one scene, she is seen naked through a window.

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