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Now with my confidence reaching the ceiling, I cant control myself, I decide to tease her. Yes she has a killer body but if you let yourself be carried away, then victory will be hers! Did those two miraculously find a way to learn some skill of the thief class?! As our tongues battle for domination, air begins to be a necessity for my lungs. My question seemed to make her freeze completely, then, a look of contemplation graced her features. Just when I was planning to sleep till three in the afternoon!

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My voice came out thinner than I wanted. I plant my lips on hers and feel her body stiffen, probably because of the surprise she must be feeling, when I feel her body relax, we are already kissing each other fervently once again, no, even more agressively than our first kiss. Her delicious ass rippled every time her hips made contact with mine. In the blink of an eye, she wrapped her legs around my head and held my hair with both hands.

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