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The Hairy Hands is a scary true ghost story about a stretch of road in Dartmoor, UK where motorists claim to have seen a pair of disembodied hands grabbing the steering wheel. On a stretch of road in Dartmoor, United Kingdom, there have been many sightings for almost a century of a pair of disembodied Hairy Hands that appear suddenly, grab at the steering wheel of a moving car and then force it off of the road. All of a sudden, the steering wheel or handlebars are grabbed by a gruesome pair of grotesque, hairy, calloused hands that are inhumanly strong and do their best to fight you for control of your car.

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Join Ranger Ralph's Club. Enjoy Dartmoor. Virtual visitor centre.

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A few readers asked about other local legends, the most common request being for more information on the legend of the Hairy Hands. So here goes. The Hairy Hands is a ghost story that focuses on a stretch of road which supposedly had a high number of accidents during the early twentieth century.

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I have spent many a night at this location in search of all things paranormal, but have yet to have come face to face with the ominous Hairy Hands! The Hairy Hands is a very well-known ghost story associated to the B and is the one reason you are now reading this short tale. My mother told me the story of the Hairy Hands when I was a small boy and from that moment on I was completely fascinated with reading about Dartmoor and its ghostly hauntings and phantoms. I bought one of my first books on the subject when I was seven years old and have been trying to quench my thirst for knowledge of the paranormal ever since.

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The legend of the Hairy Hands is set in PostbridgeDartmoor. The road is now known as the B According to the story surrounding them, the Hairy Hands are a pair of disembodied hands that appear suddenly, grab at the steering wheel of a moving car or the handlebars of a motorcycle, and then force the victim off the road.

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Imaging the year is and it is a dark winters night, the sky is clear and the air is cold, a frost is starting to bite at the whitening verge side. You and your partner are driving along the B between Postbridge and Two bridges after visiting friends in Moretonhampstead. The car is freezing and to keep out the moorland chill you both have heavy coats and thick gloves.

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A Newton-Abbot-based folklore expert is using Halloween to appeal for help to solve the mystery of the 'Hairy Hands of Dartmoor'. Several weeks later a coach driver lost control on the same stretch of road, injuring several passengers. Later an Army Captain reported a pair of invisible hands which had taken hold of him and forced him off the road.

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The hands grab at the steering wheel of a moving car or the handlebars of a motorcycle. Dartmoor has many terrifying tales to tell. From deep in the valleys and high on the granite tors come stories of hell hounds and headless horsemen. But no tale is stranger than that of the hairy hands - calloused hands that reach out to grip your steering wheel or the handlebars of your bike and force you off the Dartmoor roads and into the deep and unforgiving ditches.

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I was frozen with fear. A remote road across wild Dartmoor has been named as one of the UK's most notorious haunted highways. With Friday 13th just a whisker away, the story of the hairy hands of Dartmoor has surfaced again in the national survey.

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Getty Images. According to legend the road, or, rather, a particular area of it — in Postbridge, Dartmoor — is said to be haunted by a malevolent spirit: the Hairy Hands. Since aroundcountless motorists and cyclists have been involved in accidents on the expansive stretch. That may not sound strange or particularly unusual, but many of those who survived crashes during this period described a strange sensation beforehand.


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