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Side effects included "losing her grip on reality" and bad-mouthing the likes of fellow entertainers Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence, and our hapless hero. He felt Aniston's message perpetuated a notion among young teens that "Hey, you don't need a guy. That was hardly the only time Rivers effectively turned the actress into mincemeat with her razor-sharp tongue. In fact, Stewart was supposedly confident that "if it wasn't for her bitter rivalry with Angelina, Jen would NOT be this famous these days at all. But ever since a chance encounter with his nemesis, Hilton has allegedly had a change of heart. In , Joan Collins spent the better part of a Daily Mail profile wondering where all the glamorous ladies of Hollywood had gone. Talking to ABC News , Hilton revealed the impromptu powwow inspired him to cool it with all the "name calling, doodling inappropriate things on photos and outing celebrities.

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jennifer aniston getting fucked

Former co-star Gerard Butler thinks she's a far better kisser than Angelina Jolie.

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She struck back at O'Reilly because this particular unpleasantry wasn't just about her. Snooty English actor Rupert Everett rips into fellow thespians with the relish of someone eager to immolate his own career. This begs the question: Is Canalis telling the truth, or could this be the ole' "vicariously insult Jen Aniston through a retweet and then pretend you don't know how Twitter works" routine? Joan Rivers was totally 'bored' by her Getty Images.

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