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Booth suggests that they should have their own place, whereas Brennan wants Booth to move into her apartment. For the character in Kathy Reichs' novels, see Temperance Brennan. Initially dismissing this as a hallucination, Brennan experiences several more visions throughout the episode. Despite being on the run, Brennan risks her safety and decides to meet directly with Booth in a hotel room after months of being a single mother. They resolve their differences by the end of the episode.

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Brennan's personality undergoes significant changes throughout the course of the series.

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Emily Deschanel on Booth-Brennan sex: It won't break 'Bones'

Since entering a relationship with and marrying Booth and then having children, the character has undergone development personally and is shown to be a caring wife and protective mother. Brennan acquired the nickname "Bones" from Booth. While in his coma, Brennan reads to him from her new novel, and he has an elaborate dream in which Brennan is his wife and that she is pregnant, and that the staff at the Jeffersonian play the characters in the novel.

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