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She is training at the gym with her workout partner, fiance , and retired professional bodybuilder, Dave Palumbo. She took dance lessons and became a twirler, but she said she wasn't active enough and didn't have proper eating habits. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Her doctor told her that he would start her on insulin and she has to exercise to keep her blood pressure under control. Many female bodybuilders decline going out to eat, because it is a deviation of their dieting plan. International and will be competing against her friend, Kristy, in 11 weeks. Despite the loss, both are still committed to female bodybuilding and will try harder next time.

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Lauryn. Age: 28.
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Along with hair, nails, and makeup, they also hairbrush their body's from head to toe.

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Cecelia. Age: 21.
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Pope said that in a study of female bodybuilders, he found that female bodybuilders would apologize for their current appearance and said that their stage appearance was the real them. Pope commented that there was two groups of female bodybuilders, with one being in total control of their lives and the other being in profoundly compromised in dealing with the regular world. This is her last workout before her big competition that weekend. He also said their instincts are to get back to work and if they allow their working out to lapse too long then bad things may start to happen.

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