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I will always be thankful to EastEnders and if they asked me to, I would absolutely go back for a bit. Yusef confesses to Zainab, who is angry, but she eventually decides the future is what matters and marries him anyway. Zainab says she would rather die than go with Yusef to Pakistan; she considers jumping from the window, but instead hits Yusef in the groin and escapes while Masood retrieves Kamil from Yusef's relative. To be honest, if even one woman rings that Action Line at the end of the show and there's some difference made to her life, I'll feel like we've done our job," she continued. She told The People : "It's very draining. An EastEnders spokesperson has commented: "[Zainab's] not there to make friends".

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The Masoods decided on a career change, working in the postal service.

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An EastEnders spokesperson has commented: "[Zainab's] not there to make friends". We are very sad to be losing Nina and wish her well in ventures new. Wadia has also said that Zainab is the more traditional of the Masood family but is also conflicted: "She's the more devout Muslim, even though she was married when she was younger to another man before falling in love with Masood.

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