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They [the Serbian soldiers] took us outside, and one by one, they beat us and pulled teeth… They tortured us in all possible ways. I will return to this question later. More research is required to understand the extent to which these situations should be considered the consequence of crimes practised in previous wars or as an autonomous phenomenon. The slang of both the soldiers and their military instructors is riddled with sexism. The association between sexuality and violence in war is by no means taboo, as is frequently claimed; on the contrary, in war propaganda or in subtexts such as war narratives, it is explicitly present as a natural consequence of the state of exception that is war, or as collateral damage.

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Armed conflicts function as a kind of magnifying glass, making visible definitions of sexual identity constructed through the legitimization of violence.

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Gesellschaftstheorie und feministische Kritik. The sexual crimes committed in this scenario, as occasional and individual acts, had no military meaning and contravened the rules; as such, they were indeed punished ibidem : They would take two brothers … and force them to have sexual intercourse Guys were standing over her with rifles, while I was screwing her.

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