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Leo: Went upstairs and into the corridor room then went in room 12 and slammed the door then sat on his bed and started crying. Fennec Fox Boy: Ah birthdays, errr how old are you? He gasped as he got up then he realised it was the fennec fox boy. Leo: I thought… this world was just about you lot… and didn't realise there was more than you lot…. Goat Guy: Oooohhhh, a wise guy, e-e-e-eh? They looked at the human that is named Leo.

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Finley. Age: 30.
human x furry

Leo: I'll tell you how it's felt, like a girl has ripped out the true feelings of the one you love the most.

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Aaliyah. Age: 26.
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She is the fennec to my fox. They knocked me out and kicked me out of Earth. They arrived at the inn by sunset then they both went in. This bridge is closed for the night.

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