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I called Beefy over to the towel and he trotted over happily. I had been letting Beefy eat me out all evening; I had probably orgasmed at least 10 times earlier. My nipples continued to harden, my face flushing with arousal. I felt something hard at the entrance of my asshole, what I guessed to be the base of his cock. The force of his thrusts pushed me into the ground as he had his way with me, his natural sexual instinct taking over.

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Paloma. Age: 28.
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Usually I left sobbing as I ran to my bedroom, my ass on fire.

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Laurel. Age: 29.
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Destroyed by Dad

His nose was cold but the tongue was nice and warm and very wet, soaking my cunt and sheets. As incredible as it was, I longed for a full penetration. I mentally prepared myself, thinking out in detail the best way to do it, when to do it, where, etc… Soon, I hoped my teen sexual urges would be satisfied!

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