What is penis sounding

what is penis sounding
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Tagged: Broadly cock stuffing sounding prostate medical play catheter fetish urethral sounding Subscribe to the VICE newsletter. The taboo of penetration, especially of a part that is not commonly penetrated, is also a kinky perk for some, as well as heightened orgasm during sexual activities masturbation, slowly moving the sound in and out, hand jobs, blow jobs, etc. He also was the first person to determine the average length of a male urethra— So, what is sounding, exactly? Indeed, the route of the urethra crosses right through the prostate gland on its way to or from the bladder.

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If they do get an erection, it can be painful, which might very well be the point.

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A Guide to Sounding: The Kink Where You Stick a Rod Up Your Urethra

That being said however, for first timers, or those who haven't done it on a regular basis, start out with the smaller sound diameters i. The implements for vaginas and penises differ because vaginas have much shorter, differently shaped urethras. They might even offer you tips to avoid further infection or damage. Additionally, some pain or discomfort may be felt when dilating a urethra, as it is stretching the canal beyond what most people are used to.

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