Goten and trunks kiss

goten and trunks kiss
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The dark haired child grinned in excitement, completely forgetting about the double-meaning, taking the older boy's hand, they entwined their fingers, and their tales still curled round each other as Goten asked "Really? However, he was more than surprised when Goten gave a sharp growl and sunk his own teeth into Trunks' exposed neck, causing the older boy to moan at the feel of his chibi's mouth sucking at the blood on his neck. But eventually he gave in and relaxed, he was certain that Trunks knew more about kissing than him, since he was older and had younger girls drooling after him. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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He felt fingers entwine around his and his eyes opened once more to see Goten smiling at him happily.

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Kristen. Age: 20.
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In Dragon Ball Super, Goku Has Never Kissed Anyone

But there's something I wanna try first Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed typing this little ficlet, a different pairing, but hey! So naturally, he asks Trunks for advice.

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