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Envision 30 young boys at various stages of puberty, with a wide variety of body shapes, lining up so the coach, in his well-fitted swimsuit, could take attendance. There was my dramatically overweight friend with his eyes staring straight at the ground and my other friend, a "late bloomer," just waiting for the inevitable insults about his manhood. It was high school all over again. You could only hope that you were already in the pool when it struck. Taboos against nakedness grew in Europe in the 18th century.

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Six paragraphs down under a section titled "Do", it says "Wear normal underwear.

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Men, Manliness, and Being Naked Around Other Men

I always looked for a place in the corner of the shower and tried to keep my towel close at hand. Sign in My Account Subscribe. Talk to any man raised at that time and you will get similar stories of shame and embarrassment. You will be sorry if you don't!

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