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Below are the themes which are generally agreed upon by everyone in the community in broadest terms. Writers own all else, all nuance, minutiae, and worldbuilding. Feralborn: Pokegirls born to feral mothers may never have had any experience with higher order thought on the human level, and if tamed may behave unpredictably. Pokegirls are more able-bodied than men. Some pokegirls become so attached to particular individuals, pokegirl or human, that they experience Broken Heart Syndrome when seperated for prolonged periods of time.

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Addisyn. Age: 21.
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Pokegirls form strong social bonds much in the way humans do.

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Adelina. Age: 21.
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One notable quality of pokegirl social bonds is a protective instinct. Some may even seem supernatural. This social bond tends to create in-group loyalty, particularly to frequent or preferred partners.

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