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So the the bottom half of the top half of the full screen is half, then the top half is split again. I left that way because is less bad, sometimes fixing the VS make another effect worst and more anoying. I'm worried because it's using id Tech 5 and it's a Bethesda title. Anyone wanna fix chernobylite. Excellent fix DHR and really good game.

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evil within rule 34

DHR said: the same VS control different effects, some are at correct depth and others are in 2D, if you fix the shaders you make the effect visceversa the one fixed now is wrong and the one broken fixed.

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Zombie Army 4 Dead war working 3D vision? Still work in progress because I'm still looking for the correct depth value. I don't recommend the F2 hotkey, by the way. Post a save file if you can, please.

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