Spanked diapered toddlers

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Last November, a young English boy protested to the highest court in the land that his stepfather had no right to cane him. During his trial, it was noted that the beatings had been frequent and "hurt a lot, particularly when he was beaten on the legs". He was severely bruised and had several linear scars.

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If this is serious, which surely it can't be, then I hope that you get reported to ss. If anyone did something like that in front of me I'd be straight on the phone. Not speaking to my mum no.

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Top Definition. Nappies is another term that is used in many other countries to describe diapers. Nappies just like diapers, come in both disposable and cloth versions, and are used the exact same way as diapers are used here in Canada and the United States.

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Perhaps the simplest answer to that question is that I spanked because my parents spanked. I figured that it worked for them, it should work for me. My parents aren't violent people. They just wholeheartedly believed in the saying, "spare the rod and spoil the child," as do I.

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When I was a kid, growing up in the South, it was socially acceptable to physically punish children. Nowadays, it absolutely feels like Parents Who Spank are an oddity, like their methods are arcane and abusive. Like, this is ridiculous.

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Perhaps waiting until they are about five would work! Oh okay, if I must say something about the subject There are at least 2 schools of thought regarding potty training.

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Our son is diaper aged and we spank him for things "unsafe". Like pulling on a lamp cord, reaching for the hot oven, reaching for the fireplace, pulling on curtains, pulling on something heavy, or even tearing up something he shouldn't or putting something not safe in his mouth. When my wife spanks him she uses an implement.

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How to select a good-quality breast pump to ensure that your baby has access to your milk even when you are away from her. Being a grandparent is a cherished role, help them celebrate it this holiday season with these 10 gift ideas. She sits very happily, chewing her stuffed octopus, or rolling around on the floor with her plastic snake. No food spitting, face hitting, or toy throwing.

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Whether it's a shirt or a diaper, getting dressed has become a dreaded chore. She wiggles and whines her way out of your grasp and has a tantrum if she can't do it her way which may mean staying naked! Trying to get a toddler to stand still for anything — much less putting on clothes or diapers — is difficult enough, but add a young child's need for control and you've got a recipe for dressing disaster.

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When my son was very small, he would not sleep. Many times in order to console him, I would put him in bed with my husband and me. I remember one night in particular I put him in bed with me and when he started to move around and whimper, I got very angry and gave him a slap on his diapered bottom.


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