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Failing to turn your wheels to the curb on a steep hill? Fixed says that the transit authority has gone so far as to turn off its fax machinedepriving the startup of an electronic trail to prove that ticket-contesting paperwork has ever been delivered. As Fixed co-founder David Hegarty explained to TechCrunchhe created the app after receiving what he thought were several erroneously issued tickets.

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As miserable as prison is, it can also be pretty entertaining at times. Both women were eccentric, to say the least. They were only a few feet from each other when, all of a sudden, the older one rips her nightgown over her head.

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According to officers, the man was naked at the time of the attempted assault, which allegedly occurred June 5 around a. He stands around five-feet-six-inches tall, has an average build and has dark shaggy hair and a slight mustache. Police ask anyone who recognizes this suspect or has any additional information about the case to call them at

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A shocked witness captured mobile phone footage as the nude man - wearing just a pair of black socks on his feet - and the other combatant traded punches in a daylight scrap. Onlookers were left stunned as a naked man and another man squared off in a bizarre fight in the middle of a street. A shocked witness captured mobile phone footage as the nude man and the other combatant traded punches in a daylight scrap.

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A Florida man got into a particularly nasty fight with his live-in girlfriend earlier this week. This was clearly the final straw, because, after a quick shower, he got two swords out and challenged her to a duel. A break up fight to the death??

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By Ebony Bowden. June 5, am Updated June 5, am. An Australian dad dressed in his underpants — and armed with nothing more than a didgeridoo — chased an intruder who broke into his home, holding him at bay until fully clothed cops arrived.

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Joshua Milton Blahyi born September 30,often known by his nom de guerre General Butt Nakedis a former commander of forces under the wider control of Liberian warlord Roosevelt Johnson. Once described as "the most evil man in the world", Blahyi said in that he killed at least 20, people and carried out regular human sacrifice and cannibalism of children. Blahyi has stated that he was originally a tribal priest.

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In the course of any romantic relationship, there comes a time when one or both partners simply need to get something off their chest. For two fiery lovebirds in China, that something was their shirts. According to The Nanfang, drivers and pedestrians on a street in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, were treated to an impromptu striptease when a man and woman in the midst of a verbal altercation began pulling off their clothes.

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The lady you see above is a Scottish model named Heather McCartney. She was kicked out of the stadium because, while watching the game from a corporate box, she decided to get super naked. There are apparently rules against such a thing.

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The practice of entering combat without the use of clothing and armor is rare; apart from the social aspects of nuditythe combatant lacks even the basic protection of clothes, for instance when diving for cover or crawling. The artistic convention of heroic nudityhowever, was established in the art of ancient Greece by the Archaic period. Polybius' Histories describe how the Gaesataehired by other Celtic peoples, the Boii and Insubres as mercenaries to fight the Romans, stood naked at the head of their army at the Battle of Telamon in BC.


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