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Normal nipples vary in size and shape. Some women have large nipples, and other women have small nipples. Women with flat nipplesinverted nipples, or very large nipples may find it harder to get their baby latched on to the breast properly.

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Cold weather means a lot of things, like snuggly blankets, delicious soups, your favorite knit sweater — but it also might leave you wondering why do my nipples get hard? It's a cold-weather reality that, if they aren't properly padded from the frost, your nips are probably harder than diamonds when you step outside come January. It doesn't even need to be winter for your headlights to turn on from the cold — a powerful air conditioner in the summer can do the trick, too.

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Some problems are related to lactation. Others are not. This normal process of dilation of the milk gland is called ectasia.

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It can happen out of nowhere. There you are, standing in the checkout line at a grocery store, when all of a sudden your nipples become erect. Random nipple hardness is totally normal from time to time.

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There are more serious causes of nipple pain, such as infections and cancerso seeing a doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment is important. As a symptom, nipple pain differs from person to person. Some may feel their nipples are sore and tender, while others feel sharp pain or pain accompanied by itching.

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Gently compress your areola the dark area around the nipple about an inch behind your nipple. If the nipple does not become erect, then it is considered to be flat. If the nipple retracts, or becomes concave, it is considered to be inverted.

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Breast cancer in males is uncommon, accounting for less than 0. However, there is some evidence to suggest that incidence rates are on the rise. Of course men do not develop milk-producing breasts, but they still have a small amount of breast tissue.

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Have you thought about your nipples lately? Aside from recent ventures into the news for the Free The Nipple campaign, people often don't pay much attention to these highly sensitive parts of their body. They're one of our erogenous zones, and are part of the same set of arousal signals to the brain as the cervix, vagina, and clitoris.

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Nipple blanching turning white after a feeding occurs when the blood flow to the nipple is limited or cut off. Blanching is most often related to latch problems. Nipple blanching is often, but not always, associated with pain.

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Sore nipples affect almost all of us at some point, and the tendency is to presume the cause is hormonal; down to periods or even due to pregnancy. While these can certainly be reasons for breast tenderness, there's plenty more going on inside your body that can make you feel uncomfortable. The most likely reason for your soreness is hormonal. He added that "higher oestrogen levels cause the breast ducts to enlarge during your period," so take a look at your monthly cycle before stressing.


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