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Every now and again he would switch positions, or place a hand between his legs and huff. Riley could only shake his head and exhaled deeply in relief as he gazed into his friend's eyes. Uh, piss boner, I guess," Riley said quickly. Jake drove for about 10 more minutes until they could finally see there destination. I need to take a full-blown piss now.

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Riley's filling bladder made "hurry up" feel like an understatement.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Both boys jumped at how abrupt the sudden noise was, but the voice that followed was immediately recognized the second it spoke. He made the left turn down the hallway like he was told and after a short jog past the janitorial closet, he could see it. Near the street, a fire hydrant could be seen with a vast flood of water erupting from its end. Jake looked down to see that his shoes were also wading in the aftermath of the levees bursting.

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