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As a family physician my advice to any visitors is: avoid alcohol and dehydration before going to the hot spa, as often the blood pressure drops not increase as many people believe in response to hot water immersion. Below is a general outline of the layout of a sample bath either hot spring or not , a simple how to bathe guide, and some tips. Sweating from the head while immersed in hot water is an indication that the body is overheated and is trying to cool itself down. How to Bathe The very essence of the bathing routine is as below for both hot spring and public baths. These tips also cover basic bathing etiquette. Learning a few pointers will help you navigate the watery world of the Japanese bath smoothly.

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The washing area and bathing areas are separate.

naked bathroom gif

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Entrance The entrance to baths are often marked by "noren" curtains; blue for male and red for female. There are a multitude of styles of baths including indoor and outdoor. Many medications, not just blood pressure medication but also angina, parkinsons disease and antidepressant medications not a complete list, there are lots more can also lower blood pressure excessively when combined with high body temperatures.

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