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They seldom touch her tits. A true tit-man would be grabbing and playing around with this lady's tits as soon as she comes within his reach. Because these guys obviously aren't tit-men. Africa's tits are so long that a guy probably could suck on one of her tits from behind, while riding her pussy in the doggy position. Fans of curvy black strumpets should make a point to see this hottie in action, and hopefully we will continue to see much more intense action from her in the coming years. Porn star Africa is an ebony goddess with unearthly curves on her delectable body.

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Africa is most often seen in big- boob and ebony-themed titles, with over 50 titles to her credit so far.

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But that's not at all the kind of sex she gets with the guys in her films. She appears in a couple new titles every month, and appears to be strapping in for a long prolific career in porn. And in some of Africa's films, the camera-man doesn't even try to focus on her gorgeous tits. She used her enthusiasm to drive many sizzling scenes.

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