Pumping labia

pumping labia
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Because the effects mimic what happens when you become aroused and can intensify your sensation during sex. My boyfriend and I engaged in a bit of foreplay, then I used the pump again before we had sex. Biology lesson: the vagina is the tube leading from your external genitals to the cervix of your uterus, not just everything that sits between your legs. So, I was keen, but there was a small predicament, or two. After 10 or so pumps I could already feel a difference. The promise: mega blood flow. Naturally, I was very pleasantly surprised.

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Malia. Age: 20.
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It fits fairly easily over your clitoral area and then the aim is to squeeze the pump manually so that it creates a suction over the clitoris, swelling the area slightly and making it more sensitive.

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Sophie. Age: 26.
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Clitoral Pumps: What Are They and Can They Help with Orgasm?

Three women tested three different pumps. It felt quite different to usual masturbation, which is a lot more, erm, hands on, because unlike a gradual build-up, it hits you pretty suddenly. It took a moment or two for me to get used to the sensation, but once I did, it was actually quite pleasant — intense and tingly. My skin started getting more tingly and the entire clitoral area became more and more sensitive, so much so, that I actually orgasmed from the sensation.

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