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Today, the legend is almost forgotten. She could do without sleep for a year and a day; She could sleep like a corpse, for a month and more. At Tannakin's birth her body and limbs were correctly proportioned, but her face had a pig's snout, "not only a stain and blemish, but a deformed uglinesse, making all the rest loathsome, contemptible and odious to all that lookt upon her in her infancie. The child would grow up healthy, but with some of the behaviours of a pig. One thinkes to him selfe, so the body bee handsome, though her countenance be never so coarse and ugly, all are alike in the night; and in the day time, put her head but in a blacke bagge, and what difference betwixt her and another woman? Large crowds gathered in the street outside, and a large number of letters were delivered to the address. The mediaeval Dutch legend of Margaret of Henneberg tells of a wealthy noblewoman who turned away a beggar with twins, and was herself punished by giving birth to children.

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At the moment of the daughter's baptism, the holy water washed her pig-like features away, revealing a normal human face.

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Burton's Gentleman's Magazine. The anonymous author of A Certaine Relation says that the family did not wish to divulge their address, to discourage curiosity-seekers from gathering. Another popular print, The Wonderful Mrs Atkinson , was published anonymously in around , based on an earlier drawing by George Morland.

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