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I ignored him and squeezed my legs together even tighter. The pain was unbearable and seemed to get worse with every thrust. I winced as he found the right spot to slide in. Introduction: A drunk daughter comes home to deal with her angry father. He knew that I was hanging out with a lot of boys and he was already worried that I was out having sex. Then Sarah, my best friend, gave me a ride home. I tried to hide my body from him as long as I could and as soon as I was in my underwear I laid down and pulled the blanket over me.

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Francesca. Age: 31.
drunk daughter sex story

It was pretty odd that I felt so out of it after only two drinks, after all.

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Aleena. Age: 25.
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Father Daughter Sex Story – My Sixteenth Birthday

Sure enough there was a little smear of blood across him from my hymen breaking. He lowered his wet dick down between my legs and I knew it was about to get worse. Then Sarah, my best friend, gave me a ride home.

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