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There's nothing like a cozy night in with hubby—bonus points if he cooks. But come showtime in the bedroom, his ratings can plummet quickly if he makes a habit of committing these sex mistakes because, let's be honest, he definitely has before. We turned to the sex experts for tips on what you can do to help him the next time he makes one, so regardless of your bedroom style, it's nothing but five-star reviews from here on out.

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Sleeping with someone can drudge up all sorts of actions and feelings you may not have even known you had — and that's because a lot goes on in your brain and your body that you might not even be aware of. There are a number of weird effects of sex on the brainand knowing what these are can help you better understand why you feel the way you feel with someone. Not everyone reacts the same way after sex, but experts say there are certain hormones that are released and parts of the brain that are activated for most people when they get involved sexually with someone.

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Foreplay is like an appetizer to the main course. Sure, your medium-rare filet mignon will taste okay alone. And well, sex works just like food does.

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In your pursuit of becoming a great lover, there's an important lesson to be learned: It really helps to mix things up and vary your technique. Blumberg, PhD, author of Body Heat. Why it works: Adding heat to the right spots on your guy's bod will actually boost his sensitivity to touch.

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Photo by Alexey Kuzma, via Stocksy. Often overlooked in these sexy guides, however, is the simple and incredibly effective technique known as edging. Not to be confused with the lawn-maintenance term that also bears its name, edging is a technique for bringing yourself or others, or all of you together!

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Sex often draws us into a relationship and then helps keep it alive. If you look at the images that bombard us every day from magazines and movies, good sex is instantaneous, totally mutual, cataclysmic, and is best at the very beginning of a relationship. In fact, surveys tell us that in real life, folks in long term relationships who can talk openly about their sex life have more and better sex than new or more reticent couples.

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In practice, tantra is about enlightenment: to transcend both the sexual and spiritual planes by engaging in deeply meditative, spontaneous, and intimate sex. When you learn and practice tantra, you become more in-tune with your body, what gives it pleasure, and the way it feels pleasure. Plus, the energies you channel during tantric sex flow throughout your body and can intensify your orgasm. It can also be about creating a deeper, more harmonious bond with your partner.

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L uke McGregor has successfully etched out a career from a routine best described in a word: awkward. The result is rather, well, lukewarm: a bland milk-and-water pseudo sex-ed doco that feels like it was co-written by Healthy Harold and the Year-Old Virgin. The premise is that McGregor wants to get better at sex, so he puts himself through a range of awkward situations.

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It doesn't take much time for a man to get sufficiently aroused. But the same cannot be said about a woman. As you may know, sexual arousal actually begins with an increased blood flow to the genitals, and not necessarily with being wet.


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