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Riddlercorps, a prominent member of the blueberry kink community who runs a Discord server with channels focused on the kink, creates photo edits and role plays blueberry transformations with his partner. Despite all this, blueberry enthusiasts find ways to explore their kink, and many said it helped them explore their sexualities, beyond giant blue women. They crowdfunded the more than 70 page collection. The berry girl is rendered helpless by her round, over-full state, at the mercy of the onlooker. But as they grew up and explored new aspects of the berry girl world, their tastes evolved into something more erotic. Image: Phot edit by Riddlercorps. It's a fetish that, for many, originated from a special effect in a big Hollywood movie, and while people find creative ways to replicate it, it's still a production when compared with more widely known kinks.

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Emmalynn. Age: 21.
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Blueberry erotica writer Fate-Full told me that the challenges they face are like any other marginalized kink that exists on fan art sites like DeviantArt, where a lot of blueberry art is hosted.

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The Juicy, Round World of Blueberry Porn

I've sort of felt like an outsider as a woman into it but many of the guys I talk to about it are nice and I've had very few bad experiences. Not everyone has the interior space or funds to buy a giant sumo-suit for acting out their kink—which is why so much of it lives in illustrated art, photo editing, erotica and text-based role playing. Motherboard granted Weeblord and other members of the blueberry community anonymity because of the private nature of the subject matter. The few ruin it for the many.

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