Shakugan no shana tan

shakugan no shana tan
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However, Shana-tan is not amused so she releases a flood of saliva onto Yuji, shocking him and Kazumi. Yuji gets hit by Shana-tan's stick while he's training. Meanwhile, Kazumi stalks on them behind a pole, telling to herself that it may be an accident that Yuji is carrying Shana-tan on his head. Alastor, while hanging onto a seagull's beak, tells on how a crisis could befall onto Shana, then questions on where he is now, that he does not even recognize the place where he is in. He panics on when he should hurry, but he forgets it immediately as he is amazed by the scenery that he is in. It depicts various scenes from the series with Shana being very small.

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Georgia. Age: 23.
shakugan no shana tan

Yuji then lifts Shana-tan on his head as they are about to go to school , with Shana-tan throwing tantrums while saying to Shut up!

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Azalea. Age: 26.
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Shakugan no Shana-tan Episode 01

While the cast credits roll, Kazumi regrets and tells that she is stupid for saying that. Shana-tan sharps her Nietono no Shana on Yuji's head, while he tells her to stop it. Friagne and Marianne no Naze Nani Shana!

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