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In Season 4, in " The Romantic ," Gumball sends Penny on a romantic quest in fear that he was losing her, which ends up failing and going erratic. Cuddles ' funeral, but Gumball mistakes it for a date and ends up embarrassing himself and losing Mr. In the episode " The Knights ," Tobias is shown to have a crush on Penny when Tobias is shown to be "fighting" for her. Cuddles' death, and Polly participated in Penny's birthday. In Season 3, the relationship of Gumball and Penny escalated quickly starting off with the episode " The Kids " where Penny is shown to worry about Gumball and asking him why he didn't call her.

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In the next episode " The Burden ," Gumball and Penny go on their first date and it turns out to be a success with Penny telling Gumball he's probably marriage material.

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Penny Fitzgerald/Relationships

Her mom also watched her play, and even her attempt to kiss Gumball in " The Shell. Penny and Carrie seem to be friends and were both seen in Molly's treehouse on at least a couple occasions. Near the end of the episode, Tobias and Gumball "duel" for Penny's affection, and Tobias pushes her into the road.

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