Chaos heavens lost property

chaos heavens lost property
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Nymph hacks Tomoki's memories so he forgets how to swim. Mikako reels her into another of her sadistic schemes, staging a snowball battle between the girls and boys of her school, with the rule that you can still battle if you get hit and until the commander, Mikako versus Tomoki, loses. With a ten million yen prize, Tomoki debuts as Mask DuPants, much to the guys' cheers and the girls' jeers. After introducing her to Sugata and Mikako at school, Tomoki dismisses Ikaros to his home, but she leaves him with a special card. Sohara visits as well, but instead of giving him a karate chop, she asks why he still peeps despite having beautiful Angeloids in his house, putting him deep in thought.

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chaos heavens lost property

Tomoki goes through the Dive Game portal to meet Daedalus, who gives him a special lock, while Nymph and Ikaros join Astraea against Chaos, who easily subdues them despite their coordinated attack.

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Aurora. Age: 23.
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Nymph hacks Tomoki's memories so he forgets how to swim. Later, as Tomoki buries his dirty magazines, the Angeloids interrupt him with different schemes: Nymph, who is irritated by his lechery and dislike for small chests, uses a device to enhance her age; Ikaros incinerates his magazines; and Astraea transforms into a dirty magazine. The next day, Sugata comments how Astraea is not allowed to return to Synapse until she kills Tomoki, something he pities on her about. With Tomoki trapped in his house, Sohara and Ikaros go shopping.

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