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alma wade fear
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Depending on player actions, her child will be taken from her by one of the brothers. The Amplifier begins to activate, and his mind is locked into a hallucination, where he is forced to fight Sgt. As the interview wears on, Dr. At the end, Alma manifests herself on the side of the chopper the Point Man is riding in, causing it to crash. Her adult form also has much longer hair than in other games, dragging on the floor behind her as she walks.

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Justice. Age: 26.
alma wade fear

Psionics - Synchronicity Events - F.

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Aranza. Age: 24.
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Fear Acronym

At one point however, as Becket steps off the final tram in Interval 06 - Approach , Alma runs at him, desperately clinging to him. The Point Man survives and is rescued by a chopper. She is then seen standing over the body of Paxton Fettel.

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