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Youth may be wasted on the young, but sex is for people of all ages. Even though intimacy takes different forms and meaning as we age, it can be just as satisfying — and the great benefits of a healthy sex life are just the icing on an already pretty delicious cake. Even with great benefits like the above, a lot of us worry about sex in our advanced years for reasons that exist only in our heads, and also some that are very real.

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Susan Quilliam - Durex's sex and relationship expert - has taken us through which position might be best for people enjoying an active sex life over the age of sixty. Everyone can enjoy sex, says Susan. And it may sen obvious but sexually transmitted infections can affect anyone who's sexually active but not practising safe sex.

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Bettina Arndt, former sex therapist and current online dating coach, explains how sex and intimacy change for couples after 60 and offers her tips on how to bring the spice back into the bedroom. These days most of us have got over the idea that sex in old age is silly — it is now accepted that many people enjoy lovemaking through to their final years. But there are still many problems with bicycles — many older women find themselves without one, when they lose their partners.

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Many of us are dating again after a divorce or widowhood, and many other women over 60 have never stopped dating. But no matter where you are in the relationship game, there are a few things that you need to know about sex after Here are a few tips and reminders for women over 60 for how to enjoy your sex life while still staying safe and healthy:.

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If you believe the studies, there is a LOT of action going on between the sheets among those over 60 -- and even among those over 70 and A large body of research shows that arousal continues well into old age. Specifically, data from the University of Chicago's National Social Life, Health and Aging Project presented in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that many men and women remain sexually active even when in their 70s and 80s.

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In contrast to my usual posts on this site, there will be no personal revelations by me here either, other than to say that sex after sixty-five should not be a raunchy secret. Or, that our bloggers and readers are not familiar with sex over the age of sixty-five? Perhaps, though, there is an underlying fear of its actual or potential loss over time, kicking in the psychological defense mechanism of denial.

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The sexuality of seniors is a subject that still remains taboo. The focus for American women seems to revolve around bodybuilding and plastic surgery to prove they can stay young and sexy as they advance in years. I wanted to write something different.

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Sex, sex, and more sex. Honestly speaking, the world is vastly sexualized. I set out to interview a few, ahem, sexually experienced over-sixty-somethings and was surprisingly met with alarm. My mom, giver of life, a two-time cancer survivor, florist, and all around knower of everything felt uncomfortable talking about what should be the most natural thing in the world to discuss.

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Visit it today! Much of sexual satisfaction, they noted, comes from being comfortable with yourself and your body, and being free from society-imposed expectations, which happens over time. The dating site survey also found that 83 percent of all singles of all ages, races, genders and sexual orientations consider the two most important components of great sex to be a caring partner and an enthusiastic partner.

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A Frenchwoman's advice for how women—and men—of a certain age can enjoy love, sex, and desire in their sixties and seventies and beyond. Through interviews with countless older French women and men, de Hennezel uncovers a plethora of tips for enjoying a rich and satis. Through interviews with countless older French women and men, de Hennezel uncovers a plethora of tips for enjoying a rich and satisfying sex life after age sixty. She suggests that perhaps the most important point is to have a positive self-image—to love yourself—and instead of worrying about wrinkles and other outward signs of aging, to cultivate an inner youthfulness, which, combined with a certain maturity, she says, can be sexier than youth all by itself.


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