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She hesitated a moment before turning to look back up at her goddess, she was so far up now, it hurt her neck just to try and look at her face. Another bite and she grew to fourteen feet, her limps stretching out much even more, losing all conscious thought as to limiting her growth to a manageable size. Alice really wanted to pin her beneath her foot until she came? She glanced round, watching as the room shrunk back down to its natural size, she spied the tiny clothes between her legs, smirking, she plucked them from the floor. The blonde's groans escaped her, her eyes once again closing. She pressed her rouge lips against the sole.

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Nor did Alice notice her door being opened as Jessica Rabbit sprinted into the room, only to be met by Alice's sole as it slammed against her, pushing her back; her ankle slamming the door shut and holding it shut as her growth slowed to a stop.

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Alice in Wonderland (1951)/Gallery

She loved Roger, she really did…but there were just somethings he couldn't provide for her that Jessica desperately needed. Her hands slithering down her thigh, her fingers moving to push her panties aside once again, the soaked fabric squelched beneath her light grip, she grimaced. Jessica chewed her lower lip, trying to ignore the rush of heat she felt as she leaned in.

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