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Even though she never appeared in the original Tolkien books, Evangeline Lilly's captain of the Mirkwood Elven guard was so awesome that even most Hobbit purists didn't raise a stink when she was added to the movie's cast. Even when beaten down and bearing the weight of the world, she manages to rise to the occasion and emerge from the Hunger Games victorious. Joan of Arc is literally who most people think of when the term "woman warrior" comes up. The Jameela Jamil Controversy, Explained. It was hard not to watch much of these movies in awe of Jennifer Lawrence's rabble-rousing archer-rebel from District And we're not talking gun-toting Tank Girls, either. Before he was the Terminator and the Governator, Schwarzenegger was Conan the Destroyer , and Grace Jones was one of the only warriors — female or otherwise — gnarly enough to keep up with him.

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female warrior gif

And we're not talking gun-toting Tank Girls, either.

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Ariel. Age: 26.
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10 of the Most Badass Warrior Women Ever

The Biggest Movies to Look Forward to in Beyond living over the mouth of hell and dispatching demons every week, Buffy had to deal with family members dying, her friends turning evil, and — worst of all — high school in the late '90s. Felling mythological bad guys with her chakram and sword, Lucy Lawless portrayed a fearsome femme fatale who constantly strove to do the right thing to atone for her laundry list of past bad deeds.

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