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Ewan McGregor, 'Velvet Goldmine'. Gere's breakout leading role also saw him at his sexiest as a Los Angeles escort who falls for a client—and is at the center of a murder investigation. But the final scene reveal of what Dirk Diggler was working with in this porn drama still shows off the best dick to grace the silver screen. Steve McQueen's drama may have been about a sex addict, but its star Michael Fassbender had little to be ashamed of when it came to his nude scenes. Full-frontal male nudity is perhaps the biggest taboo in Hollywood, but that hasn't stopped some pretty famous actors from dropping trou and showing off what they're packing.

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Margaret. Age: 20.
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While Abel Ferrara's crime drama earned an NC rating for its violence and drug use, don't sleep on Keitel's infamous nude scene, which is worthy of the adult rating.

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Alissa. Age: 26.
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The Most Famous (and Infamous) Male Nude Scenes in Film History

Murphy's breakthrough performance was in Danny Boyle's neo-zombie thriller, and his very first scene shows off the goods. Cillian Murphy, '28 Days Later'. Yes, these men are dedicated to the craft, and they hold nothing back.

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