Blue sperm whale size

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Some animals just look strong. Male gorillas parade their ripped muscular bodies, while elephants are capable of great displays of power, such as tipping over trees. And crucially, it has revealed that despite being massively powerful, whales are impotent when entangled by fishing gear, as they are just not strong enough to break free.

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Whales are amazing! They live their whole lives in water and have a lot of special qualities. Whales are social, air breathing mammals, they feed their babies with their own milk, and they take extraordinarily good care of their young and teach them life skills.

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It is the only living member of the genus Physeter and one of three extant species in the sperm whale familyalong with the pygmy sperm whale and dwarf sperm whale of the genus Kogia. The sperm whale is a pelagic mammal with a worldwide range, and will migrate seasonally for feeding and breeding. The females cooperate to protect and nurse their young.

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According to a viral message, the typical blue whale produces more than gallons of sperm when it ejaculates, a factoid offered up to explain why the ocean is salty. In reality, even the largest whales only ejaculate up to a few gallons of semen at a time, and this ejaculate has nothing to do with the saltiness of the ocean. This whale sperm myth has been around sincecirculating through a chain email that sometimes includes a picture of a sea creature with a large appendage.

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A prehistoric leviathan that represented a more savage Moby Dick once hunted smaller whales around 12 million or 13 million years ago, researchers say. Fossils of the whale's skull and foot-long teeth found in Peru suggest the monstrous sperm whales ranged in size from almost 43 feet 13 meters to 59 feet 18 metersor longer than a school bus. Just the skull alone reaches a length of almost 10 feet 3 meters.

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Watch video footage of some amazing whale species. Biggest whale The blue whale is the largest animal ever to have lived on Earth; it is larger than any of the giant dinosaurs were. The tongue alone of a blue whale can weigh as much as an elephant and an entire football team could stand on it!

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The Sperm Whale Physeter macrocephalus is the largest of all toothed whales and is the largest toothed animal alive, measuring up to 18 metres 60 ft long. The whale was named after the milky-white substance spermaceti found in its head and originally mistaken for sperm. The Sperm Whale is exceptional for its very large head, particularly in males, which is typically one-third of the animals' length.

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All rights reserved. Whales are the largest animals on Earth and they live in every ocean. The massive mammals range from the pound dwarf sperm whale to the colossal blue whalewhich can weigh more than tons and stretch up to feet long—almost as long as a professional basketball court.

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The sperm whale is the largest toothed whale. Males reach 60 feet 17 m in length and the smaller females are 37 feet 12 m. They are dark gray in color, have a hump rather than a dorsal fin, and usually display their tail flukes when they dive.


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