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Jump to navigation. What can I say? Sometimes feminists do silly things to prove their political dogmatism.

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On Thursday, in a bizarre visual representation, the animal rights organization posted an image of a cartoon cow with the breasts of a human woman breastfeeding a grown adult man. The image is both uncomfortable and impossible to look away from. Looks weird right?

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For advocates of veganism, often the most important thing to do is to spread the word. PETAan animal welfare organisation who dedicate their time to spreading the word of veganism, have released an ad campaign this week featuring Bonnie-Jill Laflinthe first ever female scout for the NBA. If a woman dares to walk down the street scantily clad, or even just looking nice, she is catcalled.

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This obsession has, of course, turned our attention back to where it all begins: animals. The premise of the campaign, illustrated by ads starring a variety of nude celebrities, is that vegetarianism is cool and sexy. On the surface, this is a great marketing strategy. However, this time PETA crossed the line by exploiting women in order to fight the exploitation of animals.

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Dolores R. Shave your public hair as a token of your objection to wearing fur? Skin yourself, not animals?

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Davis has chosen to pose with Hugh Hefner's dog no less, and also has agreed to donate half her fee from a recent Playboy spread to PeTA. In her letter of support of PeTA's actions, Ingrid Newkirk makes the classic assumption that activists who counter oppressive images of women in the media believe "all depictions of female nudity are categorically wrong. We do not have a "blanket condemnation of female nudity.

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Joanna Krupa is hoping a jarring photo will make people stop pulling the wool over their eyes about the treatment of animals. The model and former "Real Housewives of Miami" reality star appears naked and bloody in an ad for PETA, meant to bring awareness to how sheep are abused when they're sheared for wool. The year-old is seen cradling a fake dead sheep while a sign below reads, "Wool: The Naked Truth," in the striking visual.

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It's been clear for quite some time that we don't fancy PETA ads around here. Nudity for attention's sake is nothing but a cheap trick that PETA loves to employ. What's more, PETA are deceptive in both their advertising and the origins of the creative ads, for example that "hot dinner" vegetarian ad with the sexy food isn't an original PETA rejected from the Superbowl, but an ad created by the Vegetarian Society UK in - caffeinegoddess busted that fib wide open years ago.

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In the latest PETA campaign against cruelty to animals, 19 year old Christian Serratos from Twillight shows off her naked self in a dark forest, vowing that she would rather go naked than wear fur. This ad is odd to me for many reasons. Really, there are probably other instances of animal cruelty and exploitation that need attention: the thousands of animals killed each day owing to deforestation, puppy mills, abuse of pets, etc.


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