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Terrestrisuchus running on its toes was even more helpful to this end, and its long tail would have served as a good counterbalance against the front-heaviness of its head and arms. I hardly ever reblog anything but this is so important to the environment and I could not have stated it better. Lagerpeton may have also been somewhat social, moving in small groups, potentially families, to escape the predators and chase after prey together, given its common nature in its environment. Fascinating, in that, the closest relatives to proper Crocodiles we have from the Triassic are not the crocodile-esque Phytosaurs, nor the large land predator Rausichians, but these strange fast-moving reptiles from the end of the period. No apparent obstruction of the nasal openings, difficulty feeding themselves or their young, or difficulty preening. Lagerpeton was already digitigrade - an important feature of Dinosaurs - as shown by its tracks, called Prorotodactylus. Its back was angled to help it in hopping and running through its environment, and its small pelvis gave it more force during hip extension while jumping.

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The feathers it had would have been primarily thermoregulatory, and as such, they would have helped it maintain a constant body temperature - making it a very active, lithe animal.

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