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Please let me know your thoughts. My pleasure comes from seeing her pleasure! He walked straight past me and ignored me and sat down in the lounge while fetched him a beer I know he likes. Watching my girlfriend fucking is exciting. They do the fucking, we do the enjoying. I did and I thought my heart was breaking as cock tried to burst out of its cage. None of this is unusual so far but it took my surprise when Pablo said, 'I love you!

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Alayna. Age: 27.
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Like the little peck of affection as she is leaving with him, or the gentle touch on his arm as they talk and ignore me.

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Joselyn. Age: 31.
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The Kissing Cuckold: Cuckolded by His Loving Wife, #9

Then hitting it again and again with my hard cock head. I kiss my lover, he penetrates me. That is exactly it, Happycpl. I try very hard to not interfere with the bull's actions or bother him in any way.

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