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This is not surprising, given that it purports to recount the true story of a man who was born with two fully functional penises. This is an extraordinarily rare anatomic variation that physicians estimate occurs once in every 5 to 6 million male births. To put that in perspective, there are currently about million males in the United States, which means there might be 25 to 30 guys living with diphallus in this country.

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Diphalliapenile duplication PDdiphallic terataor diphallasparatusis an extremely rare developmental abnormality in which a male is born with two penises. When diphallia is present, it is usually accompanied by renalvertebralhindgutanorectal or other congenital anomalies. There is also a higher risk of spina bifida.

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He doesn't want you to know his name, but he does want you to know all about his private parts. After becoming a viral star by leading a question-and-answer forum on Reddit about what it's like to have two penises, a man who calls himself "Diphallic Dude" and "Double D- -k Dude," has written a memoir of his members and the rare medical condition called diphallia that created them. Only one in 5.

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Although he would still like to maintain his anonymity, the man — who has two inch, uncircumcised penises, claims to have slept with more than 1, men and women and maintains NSFW Twitter and Tumblr accounts dedicated them — agreed to speak to Rolling Stone about how his life has changed in the year since his AMA and why he decided to write a memoir. With so much negativity in the world, the ability to bring something positive to the table is a great feeling. How has your life changed in that year? Before my AMA I was not on the Internet besides from a few minor business elements and standard e-mail.

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The child, named only as Artyom G, was born two weeks ago after a normal pregnancy in which medics did not detect any problems. The boy was rushed from his maternity hospital to the specialist Moscow clinic where he underwent the length operation to join the two penises. We had to form one penis out of two, make the abdominal wall and create a bladder," said a doctor involved in the five hour operation.

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Last night, Reddit rang in with an Ask Me Anything featuring a man with two fully functioning, almost evenly sized penises. I knew from an early age I was special. Glad she did, after everything because I really am one in millions.

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By Alex Ward. A man who claims to suffer from an extremely rare medical condition in which he was born with two penises has posted a picture online, attracting thousands of questions. He claimed to suffer from a condition known as diphallia - where a boy is born with two fully-functioning penises, each capable of operating independently from the other - and included two pictures with the time and date.

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But are they right? That claim might sound strange. It goes like this:.

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A year-old has published an e-book about his rare genetic condition called diphallia. The new year is already brimming with surprises. Warning: What follows here is sexually graphic.


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