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anime girl giving birth
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Victorique is not surprised that Grevil might be working for his father as usual, and she listens as Grevil reveals that the case involves none other than Queen Coco Rose herself. Soon, a strong gale blows through the marketplace, and as the sound of marching soldiers are heard, Kazuya is reminded of an event that would test his and Victorique's relationship. She unexpectedly bumps into two gentlemen on her way to Kazuya. Meanwhile, to her horror, Sophie ends up unable to buy any tickets for the night's performance. Victorique soon observes that Kazuya is late for his usual visit to the library, and instead, Avril Bradley was the one who accompanied her on the botanical gardens.

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Carter. Age: 22.
anime girl giving birth

Cordelia and Brian soon return to the Blois Mansion under the former's request, and to her shock, her Victorique was the splitting image of her.

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Emily. Age: 28.
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Gosick Episode 19

After giving birth to her daughter, she was taken to a sanitarium, where she would stay for a long time. As she reminds herself of what Kazuya has done for her, she runs to the places where she usually sees Kazuya, but to no avail. Avril's story turns out to be related to the recently concluded story of the alchemist Leviathan. According to her story, Coco Rose was unable to bear the king Rupert de Gilet any children, so she was taken with her maid to a country house.

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