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Eventually, the injured Barry opted to remain behind and sacrificed himself so that Leon and Luther can escape. Leon is an incredible marksman, capable of making head shots from over fifty yards and rarely missing his intended target as well as showing a proficiency with fully automatic weapons. After Rain is killed, the group is rescued by Wesker from the frozen tundra and taken to Washington, D. Little information is provided on Leon's background during the events of Retribution. It can be assumed that Leon is skilled in knife combat, trying to use it on "Bad Rain. The plan was to rendezvous with Ada Wong in the suburban Raccoon City simulation of the facility and head back to the surface.

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As they prepared to fight, Rain injected herself with a virus and Leon recognizes the vial she uses as the " Las Plagas parasite ".

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Leon S. Kennedy (Anderson)

Resident Evil: Retribution. During their escape, Alice inquires why Leon is helping Wesker and Leon says that he isn't working for Wesker. Leon and Luther eventually reunite with Alice and Becky and escape the base as it was destroyed.

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