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fluttershy cheerleader
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So I was left with this FlutterDash story idea about 'cheering' bubbling in my head, consuming my thoughts. Within said group is something known as the 'FlutterDash Prompt Tag for the FlutterDash Group Collab', a forum thread in which members state a theme prompt , then another member claims that theme and writes a short word FlutterDash story based on that theme. Rainbow Dash went to try and sit up but this time had a yellow leg supporting her back. Rainbow Dash continued to pull off more and more tricks, eager to get Fluttershy more impressed than she already was. So I thought, "fair enough, I shall just write this word story into its own fanfic. Fluttershy continued to change in awkward silence, while Rainbow Dash continued to engage in mental warfare with her hormones. Fluttershy's hooves wrapped around Rainbow's body, and Rainbow could both see and feel Fluttershy's face brushing up against her own.

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fluttershy cheerleader

A little winded, that's all.

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This is how Dash would describe what had just happened. You've been trying hard just, well; you aren't getting much better at this whole cheering thing. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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