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Bending over the counter and bracing herself with her hands. Proud and in control a pleasurable shiver ran across his body and wondered how she managed to become even sexier than she already is. Pulling back Natsu smiled at her again before he removed his trousers along with his boxers releasing his swollen member from its confines. She was drunk and he wasn't. Mirajane released a moan at the sight of his throbbing member, the same one that has brought her to countless orgasms throughout the length of their relationship hidden from their friends for almost two years. Mira" Natsu exclaimed grinning broadly threatening to split his face in half.

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She stood up standing in front of him placing her head on his shoulder gripping his shirt tightly as fresh tears stained his shirt and reluctantly wrapped his arms around her and let her cry.

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Laxus x reader heat

She withstood every blow he sent her way as she called to him over and over until her body can't handle the abuse any more. She didn't ask when he entered a store and bought something and looking at the bag his carrying to see a few bottles of alcohol and wondered since when did he started drinking but she didn't really care. The couple nodded and went their separate ways returning next morning to make their announcement as they now stood in the middle of the stage, all of its members present even the usually absent Laxus is there.

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